The Power Law Firm

About Us






Power Law was founded with one goal in mind: to break with the traditional law firm model and practice law our way. We believe:


Lawyers should be accessible to clients

Fees should be transparent & fixed, if possible

Legal service should be convenient





Leveraging technology

Providing both full-service representation & limited scope a la carte services

Offering various fee arrangements


Tech-Savy for Convenience & Efficiency



At The Power Law Firm, we utilize industry-leading technology at every step of the client experience. Our clients enjoy a range of tech-based amenities, some of which include secure client portals, e-signatures, digital file storage, electronic payment options, and video conferencing. By leveraging technology, obtaining legal services is more convenient than ever.

And for those clients who prefer face-to-face interaction, we are not a strictly virtual law firm. Combined with our menu of tech-based amenities, we offer the traditional full service law office. A convenient Orlando location, with plenty of parking, we encourage clients to visit in person as well.

The beauty lies in our client’s ability to choose: in-person office visits or virtual office communication. We’re prepared for both. See our client amenities page for more details.


Transparent & Flexible Fees



Our Firm prides itself on its client-centered approach to legal services. Part of that approach includes providing clients with fee arrangements that are



Tailored to the client & particular matter


As a Flat Rate, where possible


To that end, Power Law offers a number of fee arrangement options, payment methods, and flat fee services. Mr. Dangler works with each client individually to determine which arrangement works best for their individual needs and specific legal matter. See Our Fees page for more information.


A La Carte Services



Legal services need not be an all-or-nothing situation. Not every client wants to pay the cost of full service representation where the lawyer is responsible for managing a legal matter from beginning to end. We offer limited-scope legal services as an alternative, on an a la carte basis.

In limited scope legal services,Mr. Dangler handles some tasks related to a given legal matter while the client handles others. The services are offered at a fee less than full service representation in which Mr. Dangler, and not the client, would handle all tasks until the matter is resolved. Instead of full service representation, Power Law will breaks the representation into smaller segments, allowing our clients to pay for our services a la carte.

With our a la carte legal services menu, our clients can pick and choose only the specific legal services they’d like our firm to provide. See our a la carte services page for more information on our limited-scope services.