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By now, (hopefully), you’ve browsed my newly designed website and learned a little bit about my firm. To sum up all that content you (hopefully) read: We do law differently.

At PLF, we’re “different” because of our technology, fee options, social media presence, and office culture. In (what should have been) my firm’s first blog post (now the second blog post), I’ll explain how we’re keeping to that theme on this forum as well.

“How ‘different’ can a lawyer blog be?”

This blog isn’t just about providing helpful legal content. It is also a reflection of my unique personality, practice areas, interests, and experiences. I'll cover a wide range of topics from general discussions about the law, life stories, trending topics, and legal developments.

But, I'm not only a lawyer. I'm also a homeowner, employer, small business owner, son, volunteer, spouse, neighbor, citizen, and friend. I'm just a normal person who started a blog, but also happen to be a lawyer who started his own law firm.

And THAT is exactly why this blog is different. It isn’t just about the law. It’s about me too.

I hope you continue reading, get to know me better, and find something useful or interesting from my blog posts. If you have any particular area of interest or legal topic you’d like to hear more on, shoot me an email at